February 7, 2017
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Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again, when the flu and other various viruses and colds run rampant through the population. It’s common for most everyone to […]
January 20, 2017

Don’t Weight for New Years!

It’s a common trend—treat your body poorly all year and adopt bad eating habit only to kick it to the curb January first…and the cycle continues. […]
January 16, 2017

Why I go to a Med Spa at 25.

As a twenty-five year old in this day and age I am overly exposed to beauty secrets, trends, and anti-aging tricks. I think most of us […]
December 17, 2016

Learn More: Botox

What is Botox? Botox is a safe, prescription medication that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe […]