A Non-Invasive Treatment for a Double Chin

A double chin isn’t always directly related to weight gain. Like most physical conditions, it can also develop because of genetics and aging. Basically, the double chin is caused by a buildup of fat beneath the chin; the clinical term to describe the condition is subliminal fullness. And unfortunately, that buildup of fat can be difficult if not seemingly impossible to remove with diet and exercise alone. Thankfully Central Wellness offers a treatment that can drastically change the appearance of the dreaded double chin. The treatment, called Kybella, is a prescription medicine that’s administered into the fat cells beneath the chin; the medicine breaks down and destroys the buildup of those pesky fat cells.
And if you’re bothered by the appearance of your chin then know that you’re not alone. In fact, according to Kybella, over sixty-percent of people surveyed about double chin reported that they were bothered by the appearance of the skin beneath their chin. It’s categorized at Kybella as being a condition as prevalent as crow’s feet and sagging skin beneath the eye lids.
Kybella is effective, and most patients treated with Kybella will begin to see results after two to four treatments. It could take up to six, statistically. The reason Kybella is effective is because its active ingredient is a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring molecule within our body (Deoxycholic acid). DA molecules help to break down and absorb the dietary fat. When Kybella is injected into a site of stored fat, it can destroy those fat cells for good.
Kybella is effective in the long term because once the fat cells are destroyed, those particular cells are no longer able to accumulate fat, and no further treatments are needed.
If you have any questions about Kybella, call Central Wellness today.