A Healthy Fall Season

In Montana, fall is a terrific season. No, we don’t, usually, get the weeks-long tree canopies of orange and yellow like they do in the east. We get pretty fall colors, but it’s over and done rather quickly, by comparison. But in Montana fall marks an amazing time to be outside, walking, recreating, etc. But it’s also a good time to focus on food (Thanksgiving is only one month away), and the foods of the fall can be both splendid and healthy. Here’s a few examples.


Seeing past the pumpkin pie is hard to do: for many of us, pumpkin pie is one of fall’s great food treasures. And that’s because it’s delicious. But, pumpkin can have so many uses, and it’s very good for our bodies; it’s absolutely loaded with vitamins. First, consider the seeds: pumpkin seeds are great for our bodies, our blood stream. You can buy pumpkin seeds at most stores, but you can also reserve the seeds from that Halloween pumpkin, at the end of the month. Roasting your own pumpkin seeds is fun and easy and rewarding. So, scrape out the goo, the seeds, and then what do we have? Pumpkin flesh. Pumpkin can be roasted and pureed at home. This puree (which is similar in consistency to canned pumpkin, and, if you don’t have the time to roast and puree a pumpkin, most brands of canned pumpkin make a fine substitute) can be used for pie (Yes, pumpkin pie), but also for pumpkin pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc. And its consistency makes it simple and easy to use.


Cabbage doesn’t seem to have the following that pumpkins have. Cabbage is commonly used in soups (where it’s a delicious), and coleslaw (equally delicious). But cabbage is also well-suited for other dishes. Because cabbage leaves are stiff and durable, they hold other foods well. Cabbage is also well-suited as a substitute for a taco shell. Fish tacos built with cabbage shells can be very tasty.
These are only two of the many, many options available in the fall. While fall does begin the season of celebration and get-togethers, it’s also important to try and eat as healthy as possible.  If you have any questions on diet or improving your health, then call or make an appointment at Central Wellness.