6 Busted Botox Myths

Botox is one of the most popular beauty treatments for a wide variety of reasons, but there are still many misconceptions and confusion surrounding what Botox does and doesn’t do, as well as who are the best candidates for treatment. Only you and your trusted medical professional can decide if Botox in Billings, MT, is the best choice for you; before you seek treatment, here’s our list of most commonly spread Botox myths.
Myth: Botox works best after lines appear.
Truth: Botox is better utilized before fine lines or wrinkles develop. Because Botox doesn’t plump the skin but rather numbs muscles, it’s best to get ahead of the game. Utilizing Botox in common problem areas like smile lines, between the eyebrows, and the forehead can train the facial muscles in to working less, preventing lines from appearing in the first place. By not making certain facial expressions, or making them less often, you can reduce the need for Botox in the future.
Myth: Stopping Botox makes your wrinkles worse.
Truth: Not true! Ceasing treatment will revert your fine lines to their previous state, but it won’t make them worse! Botox prevents the lines from worsening during treatments, but choosing to stop allows your muscles to resume their usual movement. Patients who opt for regular intervals of treatment over a long period of time may see greater and longer-lasting results, but once Botox is discontinued, all patients will see their facial muscles return to how they were originally.
Myth: You’re never too young for Botox.
Truth: Most doctors agree that starting Botox preventatively in your twenties is a good step toward needing fewer treatments later, but advocate against teens seeking treatments. Botox isn’t ideal for lines underneath the eyes, which most teens see (probably due to lack of sleep). Botox is ideal for lines that are created by constant use and muscle movement, and skin retains elasticity, which prevents residual lines through your teens and early twenties.
Myth: Botox is just for wrinkles.
Truth: Botox is far from just cosmetic! From treating migraines to temporarily blocking sweat glands to stop excessive sweating, Botox is used to reduce muscle strain, which creates less strain on the nervous system. It can also help with pore size and acne in certain applications. If you suffer from migraines, depression, or sweating you can’t control, Botox in Billings, MT, may be the best clinical treatment for you.
Myth: People who get Botox look plastic, or fake, or overdone or frozen.
Truth: When injected properly by a medical professional that you trust and respect, Botox gives a natural and subtle lift to the injected facial muscles, making it the ideal solution in wrinkle-prevention. The differences are hard to spot but give the face an overall smoother and more flawless look.
Myth: Botox is just for women.
Truth: Botox for men is a rising trend, especially among the younger generation. Botox is great at softening someone’s look, which can make men look younger, happier, and less angry. A more approachable appearance isn’t just good for dating and your social life—business matters also benefit! Botox is quickly becoming your best wingman!
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